Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hangin' Tough

You may(or may not, since I realize that I never posted any of the pics of this corner - except here on the top left.) recognize this corner as my usual Crane Corner.

But as I approach the end of the Crane experiment (less than 100 to go!) and as winter approaches and I need more coats (and more closet space) and am still dedicated to The Cleanse - I decided I needed to re-purpose the corner. You see, it started a couple of months ago when I saw this idea for storing shoes in the new IKEA catalog. I am in desperate need of organized storage of all kinds and I happened to have a few Bygel's laying around from a changed-my-mind design project so I hung them up in the corner here and loved it. Now that I had my shoes neatly organized I wished I could do the same for my hanging clothes and so I thought - Why not? And so I did. I don't mind having the open storage in my living space because I use it to store my dresses and heels so that my prettiest clothes are the ones being displayed. The brackets are also designed to hold a shelf so that may come in the future. And a bonus here! Mini tp roll art!

 TP Roll Bonus.


  1. Sigh. Finally. I can breathe again. I'm leaving my status the same for today though.

  2. I like the corner. The tp roll art is an added bonus. I think you should also post pictures of your new windows!