Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back on the Crane Train

     I'm at it again.  More motivated than ever to finish the cranes, I've been folding like crazy over the past few days. 

That's right folks, I don't know if it was brain drain or finger strain, but I'm back on the crane train!

     I realize that tomorrow is August 1st.  That means that this project has taken me over SEVEN months to complete, that is more than one month longer that I estimated that the project would take me at it's longest.  But the news is good!  I'm rounding third and heading home! (A baseball reference from me! I know it's crazy.  I'm the girl that doesn't even like to wear my Reds t-shirt any more because when I did people would make comments to me about "last nights game" and I would have to mumble something because I haven't watched a game all season, or really, hardly any game from any season.)
     While Crane Rule #1 has been stretched and broken (but with little success) Crane Rule #2 has held fast.  I have whittled down all of my duplicate scrapbook papers and am now left with the remaining pages of the "Page-A-Day" calender and some outdated Diabetic Living magazines I snagged from work.  Oh, there have been plenty of days wandering through (Insert name of any craft store here) where I was tempted by clearance scrapbook paper or half-off stacks of origami paper - but I held fast.  Dammit!  There has to be at least one rule I don't break!  (And really there were only two rules and since I already broke the first one I don't really have a choice about the second.  And yes, I know that rules are made to be broken, but I still believe some have to be upheld otherwise your rules hold no credibility and then there was really no reason to make them just to break them.)

What is the current count you ask?  Last time I checked it I was at 658 post-vacation cranes.  After stringing up my current collection - I had this - 200 more beauties ready to be officially counted!



  1. Wow. You are totally going to beat me! But I will happily pay your way to Zumba if it means you will get these dang cranes finished. There's no messing with the universe.

  2. OK! I officially give you permission to pause folding so you can update your dang blog!

    I totally typed 'dang' and then re-read my old comment above where I also used it. Which is weird b/c its not a word I use a lot. Maybe I should.