Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have Crafts, Will Travel

Cranes, meet Destin. Destin, meet the Cranes.

On the road again.

This time I left orange couches and drum sets behind and my folded friends and I migrated south and hit the beach in Destin, Florida.  Now you might guess that a 13 hour drive would lend itself to LOTS of folding.  However, I found that folding in the back seat makes me mildly car sick and therefore didn't fold as many as I'd like - and of course, there was no folding during the actual vacation as I was much to busy sleeping and sunning.

Now, in case you need a little relaxation of the vacation style as you are reading this - please check out my video below.
 VACATION CRANE COUNT: 30 (and a half that I will finish after concluding this post!)

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