Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Will Bunting

Whether you call it a bunting, a garland or even a banner or string-of-things – they are awesome.  These days buntings are at the height of fashion, but they have always been at the height of absolute celebratory festiveness.   How can you not be high on excitement when there are strings colorful banners waving in the air?

I joined the bunting craze about 3 months ago when I first saw the individual letter printables at Ruffled.  I made sure to print at least one and sometimes two of each letter – I mean, you never know what you might need to spell. I currently have all of the printed letters in a nice manila folder just waiting to be cut and grommet-ed. The grommets allow me to string them up without the permanence that say, sewing them together, would create.  
 I upped my commitment to bunting when I started my “gallery wall” which included this perfectly snarky bunting all framed up.

I used the same letters that were available on Ruffled I just shrunk them down (I set the printer to print two pages on one sheet and that size seemed to work for me - definitely not an exact science) so that I could fit them in the frame.  Why did I choose such a message?  I just enjoyed the play between what the bunting actually says and the general expectations of things you might see spelled out and displayed in bunting form for others to see.

And then after weeks of simmering in the depths of the craft crypt in my mind, Bunting-madness exploded.

I guess it wasn't so much an explosion as a "boiling over".  On a whim while at the store, I picked up some pretty pastel-ish colors with the idea of making an Easter egg garland similar to the one I saw here but originally came from here.  I just cut a rough egg shape from my paint chips and they sewed right through them and also sewed a little ribbon on each end to allow for tying.


The egg garland turned up the heat, but what caused my pot to boil?  This. Yes, a Jolly Good Will and Kate Royal Wedding Bunting. 

I first saw it on How About Orange and quickly scrolled past it thinking “cute, but I don’t really give a hooey about the Royal Wedding.”   The days passed and brought us closer and closer to the magical day of April 29, a day made in fairy tale history, and the blogosphere exploded.  Everywhere I clicked I saw more posts about Royal Wedding watch parties, decorations and general chatter.  I couldn’t escape it.  I thought it would be silly if I, someone who didn’t “give a hooey” about the wedding, made a Royal Wedding bunting.  And so I did.  My plan was almost derailed at the last moment by a severe case of over-working.  It was around 11p.m. on April 28 and my bunting was still not made.  I had to be up super early the next morning but I knew I was at the point of no return – if I didn’t make the bunting now, the wedding will already be over by the next time I get a chance to make it.  So I deftly cut the little pennants and trimmed the beverage markers to a similar length to the pennants and voila, I had the pieces laid out.  I didn’t have the time for glue and my sewing machine was across town so I did what any desperate crafter would do. I turned to staples.  Yes, I grabbed my ribbon and stapled it to each little piece. I immediately strung the banner above my computer monitor (where I planned to view the whole she-bang) and went to bed.  When I woke at 5 a.m. the next morning to finish a work project for that mornings conference I flipped on YouTube and was really able to experience the joy of the celebration in my own personal space miles away from the actual event.  (Was anyone else's favorite part when the ring got stuck on her knuckle?  It was just so normal!)

EDIT: So really I think that I was more ahead of this than I thought. Forget 3 months ago -   Jamie was nice enough to remind me that my craze really started back in early December and that I needed to include my Annual Friendly Holiday Christmas Dinner and Pants Party bunting that I made for her.  So rather than re-write the whole post you get to hear about it down here.  Basically I wanted to celebrate pants because it is the name of the party and  it was suggested in the invite that it was time to "don our gay apparel"( This cover is way better but they skip over the all important line that I referenced!)

And of course when thinking about the edit for the forgotten bunting above, I realized that I had also forgotten my Valentine garland that I got from How About Orange.  I gifted mine to my landlady -  but during a night of babysitting I got my then 3 year old niece to make a bunting for my sisters house!

And through the course of creating this post I have many more bunting, garland and string-of-things ideas!

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  1. I can totally picture this line in action, "I immediately strung the banner above my computer monitor (where I planned to view the whole she-bang) and went to bed." Love it.