Saturday, March 26, 2011

And they're like, "its better than yours".

I could teach you but I'd have to charge.  Teach you what?  How to have a "business" trip.  Mark started us off last week with his "business" trip and I'm here to continue the tradition.  Last week, as I sat in an amazing conference room in a Holiday Inn just north of the heart of Ohio, I overheard one of the other conference goers joke about organizing a field trip to see a burlesque show in town that night.  Sadly, I could tell she was just joking but, ladies and gentlemen, I don't give up.  I stalked her at lunch and requested that she go to the show and take me along with her. And she did, along with a few of the other fun and friendly folks from the conference and so a rag-tag band of health educators, mental health specialists and Tobacco Prevention Specialists spent the night with the Ohh-La-las and Viva! & the Velvet Hearts.

Viva! & the Velvet Hearts

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