Thursday, March 31, 2011

And I don't know how a man decides what is right for his own life least that is what my laundry room says.  Lucky for me, I'm a woman and I always know what is right for my life (just kidding, if you know me then you know that this is not true).  However, on occasion I think I know what is right for my life, or at least for my living space, but before I know it - someone else is already telling me and everyone else exactly what I'm thinking.  Who are these magicians, you say? John and Sherry.  Yes, friends, John and Sherry.  And if you don't know John and Sherry, or as those of us in the know call them, J&S, check them out at

I almost bought this rug in beige.
I actually bought the Thomas O'Brien rug in this post instead.
Oh yeah, and I was busy filling up frames when this was posted.  And believe it or not, Jamie was doing this too!

And while my ceramic animal collection hasn't grown, I'm up THREE, yes three storage benches since learning of YHL.

Just say YES, to ceramic animals.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I was framed!

No, I'm not Roger Rabbit, but my room certainly picked up a lot more frames this weekend.  See the B,D,D&A below.
Sorry the grand "after" pic kinda sucks.  I'll get a better one I promise!

NOTE: No ceramic animals were injured in the creation of this wall.

And they're like, "its better than yours".

I could teach you but I'd have to charge.  Teach you what?  How to have a "business" trip.  Mark started us off last week with his "business" trip and I'm here to continue the tradition.  Last week, as I sat in an amazing conference room in a Holiday Inn just north of the heart of Ohio, I overheard one of the other conference goers joke about organizing a field trip to see a burlesque show in town that night.  Sadly, I could tell she was just joking but, ladies and gentlemen, I don't give up.  I stalked her at lunch and requested that she go to the show and take me along with her. And she did, along with a few of the other fun and friendly folks from the conference and so a rag-tag band of health educators, mental health specialists and Tobacco Prevention Specialists spent the night with the Ohh-La-las and Viva! & the Velvet Hearts.

Viva! & the Velvet Hearts

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Man in the Bedroom

Get over yourself Ed, Vik is moving into my bed(room).

Vallvik, that is. I finally passed Becca's inherited plant stand on to my mother (who has 2 matching ones) and purchased a real piece of furniture.  "But Ellen, using boxes to store your clothes instead of drawers must have been awesome, how will you go on?", you will say.  I will then reply, "No, it actually kind of sucked".

Now please feast your eyes on these sexy bedroom pics.  "S&M?" you ask.  No, B&A.

Before                                                                                          After

Note:  This actually moved me to buy a real hammer.  I had previously been using a 10 lb. weight and it wasn't really working out.  Maybe one day you will all get lucky and I will do a tool layout ala J&S.

Note 2: Buying a hammer made me realize how much I love living in a walkable neighborhood. All I had to do was walk around the corner to ACE, grab a hammer and I was back home in about 9 minutes.  

Note 3: Yeah, I really did want you to watch the video 3 4 times.