Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Microwave Monologues

The microwave signaled the end of it all.  It was the end of an era, perhaps even the end of days...

And so it began.  I used the microwave. I couldn't live having to blow dry my nachos, and so Sensei Jamie, I have failed.

How did I use this great opportunity to succeed, you ask?  Well, I (with a little help) promptly said "Fuck'em."

In the past three weeks I have stayed out past midnight almost every night, I have eaten Oreo's and Lee's Famous Recipe, I drank Mountain Dew and did some shots, ate breakfast with a Bengal twice and only called in sick to work once (and actually was sick and by sick I don't mean hungover).  And don't think that all of this shenanigans has caused me to quit crafting. Oh no!  I have been crocheting my mega blanket, I also crocheted a phone cozy and about 1/8 of a hat.  I x-acto-ed about 50 asterisks from about 50 hearts and made Valentine's garlands and  I crafted a paper owl from 3 eyed bear.  So maybe I haven't folded any paper cranes lately, I will. I will.

So the rules are broken but I'm learning and re-adjusting.  If I stayed in one place the whole time and never moved this would be a blog about a Stay-cation, but now my friends, it is a journey!

I wanted to leave you with an awesome thought, but this kid said it better.


  1. I think you should get that shirt - but written in Chinese.

  2. I hope you are feeling better next week. I missed you at Zumba. I'm so lost without having the two of you to follow.

  3. Staying out late! What? WOAH. :) I haven't done that in quite a while. I think I need to try an Oreo. Maybe that will help. My newest goal is not to be so...old.