Sunday, January 23, 2011

Experiment in Homemakeing #1 - Nachos

When I moved into my apartment last October it came with this little beauty...

I like to call her Microwave.

You see since I moved in I haven't used Microwave or even opened her and honestly now I'm a little afraid to see what is inside her cold white exterior.  I have just been making do with the good old stove to heat things up.  Water just seems to taste better when heated on the stove, spaghetti is a no brainer, and since it is a gas stove I can even use it to toast my bagels (carefully, of course).  The only issue I have run into is when trying to melt cheese.  You know the super convenient cheese that comes pre-shredded in little bags at the grocery?  It is like it is specially formulated to only melt in the microwave.  As a nacho aficionado, I have tried making them in my oven, which takes FOR-EV-ER, and even making my (newly) famous "Skillet Nachos".  
The cheese just never seems to melt all the way.
Skillet Nachos

So what do I do?  Any suggestions on proper cheese melting technique sans microwave?
Also, another project to add to the list, is making some kind of Microwave Cozy (with irony, of course).


  1. No, but seriously, that is genius.

  2. After washing your dishes Zap the dish rag in the Microwave for 15 seconds. It kills all bacteria on Your dishrag.