Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dinner and Dates

 Last weekend found me scouring the fridge to make some dinner.  To my surprise, I was able to come up with the Dinner of All Dinners (that was totally an ode to John and Clara's Nap of Her Life).  I prepared my neo-comfort food dinner of Ajinomoto Vegetable Dumplings, Apple Maple Chicken Sausage, and Cock n' Bull in less then 10 minutes. Ah, sodium and sugar!

It wasn't until after dinner (Let's face it, it didn't take me long to eat.) that I continued on my crane folding journey.  I folded as much as I could but my fingers were a wreck from the heavy card stock paper I had cut weeks ago and had been avoiding folding.

HOWEVER, my luck changed on Sunday when I went to my parents house for lunch and found this...

That's right. It IS a page-a-day origami calendar.  It is from 2005 so I deemed it pretty un-useful and went to folding.  Each page has new instructions on it so I felt a little guilty folding them all into cranes, but as I've been saying a lot lately, "Eat it, guilt!"

Anyway, the paper from the calendar is very thin and easy to fold and my crane collection is ever increasing!


  1. Ha! I also have an unfinished origami day by day calendar. Actually, I have three :( I never seem to be able to make it past April...

  2. Shoot, the one I'm folding only made it to January 28th.