Sunday, January 23, 2011

Experiment in Homemakeing #1 - Nachos

When I moved into my apartment last October it came with this little beauty...

I like to call her Microwave.

You see since I moved in I haven't used Microwave or even opened her and honestly now I'm a little afraid to see what is inside her cold white exterior.  I have just been making do with the good old stove to heat things up.  Water just seems to taste better when heated on the stove, spaghetti is a no brainer, and since it is a gas stove I can even use it to toast my bagels (carefully, of course).  The only issue I have run into is when trying to melt cheese.  You know the super convenient cheese that comes pre-shredded in little bags at the grocery?  It is like it is specially formulated to only melt in the microwave.  As a nacho aficionado, I have tried making them in my oven, which takes FOR-EV-ER, and even making my (newly) famous "Skillet Nachos".  
The cheese just never seems to melt all the way.
Skillet Nachos

So what do I do?  Any suggestions on proper cheese melting technique sans microwave?
Also, another project to add to the list, is making some kind of Microwave Cozy (with irony, of course).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dinner and Dates

 Last weekend found me scouring the fridge to make some dinner.  To my surprise, I was able to come up with the Dinner of All Dinners (that was totally an ode to John and Clara's Nap of Her Life).  I prepared my neo-comfort food dinner of Ajinomoto Vegetable Dumplings, Apple Maple Chicken Sausage, and Cock n' Bull in less then 10 minutes. Ah, sodium and sugar!

It wasn't until after dinner (Let's face it, it didn't take me long to eat.) that I continued on my crane folding journey.  I folded as much as I could but my fingers were a wreck from the heavy card stock paper I had cut weeks ago and had been avoiding folding.

HOWEVER, my luck changed on Sunday when I went to my parents house for lunch and found this...

That's right. It IS a page-a-day origami calendar.  It is from 2005 so I deemed it pretty un-useful and went to folding.  Each page has new instructions on it so I felt a little guilty folding them all into cranes, but as I've been saying a lot lately, "Eat it, guilt!"

Anyway, the paper from the calendar is very thin and easy to fold and my crane collection is ever increasing!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Feather Me

Over the weekend I took a break from making paper birds to - make paper birds?  I know, I know - it's crazy!  My fingertips needed a little break from folding so I decided to tackle two, yes TWO, other projects and finished them (well, mostly finished because I still haven't decided how I'm going to display the non-folded paper birds).
 These paper birds were made using a pattern that appeared in the program for 2010's Crafty Supermarket.

My next project involves my favorite MALMA mirrors from IKEA.  Some of these mirrors were purchased at IKEA Palo Alto back in 2004 and were originally painted green!  Now I just keep recovering them to fit my needs.  Two of the mirrors were already blue so the rest just needed to be covered.  I needed a visual vertical because my ceilings are so high and i though these cute square mirrors would look good above my cute square stove.  They also go with my new blue and white graphic print rugs from Target.  Greek Isles anyone?

I've now moved two more projects off my future project list (but added one more involving how to display the non-folded paper birds)

EDIT: I completed one other project that weekend only to realize that Jamie was working on a similar project - A picture/art wall!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

When he asked what she wore... was always Red Door (or nothing if she felt kinky).
In addition to the non-dating rule which may or may not have been stretched, I'm instituting another Crane Rule. Crane Rule #2: I'm not allowed to buy anything new for this project. I have been tempted several times already to buy more paper when I know I have enough paper to complete this project at least twice. This is part of my growing experience in letting go of silly things. You see, much of this paper was bought with the idea that it would one day grace the perfect scrapbook page. For some reason it is hard for me to use it for any other purpose than the idea it was intended for. But I just keep telling myself that papers are like puppies, they are always cute. So now I'm making sure to use up lots of my long cherished papers. I'm also making use of things around me.  Used Post-Its at work and  perfume sample inserts (this is where the title of the post comes in) from the Macy's ad are a perfect square! You know what a perfect square means! Right? I folded them and now have some scented cranes!
 Crane Count: 209

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year of the Crane

While 2011 may officially be the year of the Rabbit, here in Ellentown it is the year of the Crane. Year of 1000 paper cranes actually.  So in honor of the new year, I worked up a little motivation and have now completed 110 paper cranes, which is exactly 11% of my goal of 1000 paper cranes.  You see how that is?  11% in 2011 - yeah, awesome, I know.

Question: Do you enjoy my mad photo editing skilz?

Crane Rules

The paper crane experiment is not just an exercise in determination and self-discovery.  I have assigned a specific rule to the crane experiment, more specifically, that I am not going to date until I have 1000 paper cranes.
Recently, this brought up the argument of exactly how you can define a date.  Does having dating off limits mean flirting is off limits? Can we hang out as long as there there is no touching?  Any thoughts?

No matter what the answer, I am as determined as ever to finish these cranes. 


Motivation: I would like to date again someday, so I must finish the cranes.